Love Story

Two years ago this August I met the man of my dreams Matt, who happened to be the one I hope to marry someday. We met eachother in less than ideal situations. Matt, newly brokenhearted at the alter so to speak and myself horribly engaged to the wrong man and sadly I knew it. Immediately the sparks grew to butterflies and then to Matt convincing me I deserved better. After a few months I called my engagement off with the promise and hope that Matt gave me of being together forever. Let me tell you...THE BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE! I am now the happiest girl in the world. He treats me, spoils me and loves me unconditionally. Although we live together yet have busy lives outside of us....he is by far the most amazing man I could ever hope to grow old with. He has the drive and motivation he needs to fulfill anything he sets his mind to including his most important goal; to be a police officer. Matt fully supports anything I strive for including my side business selling crafts and my want for that "white picked fence" life.