Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Antique galore

My girl Traci and I decided to head over to Cottonwood for the day! We stopped at this "little" antique shop that Traci was absolutely DYING to see....not so little. This place was HUGE! We were there minimal of three hours. I've come to learn that I'm obsessed with windows, doors, doorknobs and trunks. 
Mention trunks and all the above and I get just plain giddy. Like jump up and down giddy. In the second or third..well maybe the first building I'm not sure (like I said, HUGE building)...I found a trunk. Not only a trunk but one that made my heart skip a beat:

OH MY GOD right!?!?!? Amazing :) Love of the week! EEEEE now I have to decide if I want to add glass on top for a table....or just plain beautiful decoration. I'm going to go play :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Turkey day is approaching!

Matt and I decided a while back we weren't going to decorate for Thanksgiving....but since his birthday is coming up and he wanted some people over...that led to having to decorate in a flash. So here I was a week before the big day and having to go shopping for turkeys. There was NOTHING! With a little creative thinking this is what I came up with:

Simply--Fall. Went to the dollar store and found some simple glass containers and candles. Rummaged through the pantry and found some ''UN-poppable'' kernels and some random leaves around my fall decorations and VOILA! Cute simple candle holders. I also went through all of Michael's last minute fall items and found foam leaves and some decorations for a quick and simply -GIVE THANKS- banner! Last but not least, I found this amazing turkey cookie jar at a random thrift store shop! Perfect!!! Just in time for our last minute Thanksgiving decorating. Phew! I feel better!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Ah, Catalina Island. Matt and I have been planning this trip ALL year. Literally! Finally we jumped on the plane and headed to the island for some family fun. We met up with my mom and my dad and some family friends to drink it up! Since we did waaay too much for life on this trip and I don't want to bore you...

Here's a snapshot of some of the highlights:

Woohoo right!?!? Oh man we had a blast! All the crazy missed flights and crazy food poisoning from our trip in Florida...SOO worth it once we got into Catalina! Totally a memory we will never forget :)