About Me

I'm a small town girl, and I love all things pink and sparkly alongside with everything about scrappin'. Family is a huge deal in my life, after four years without being a part of it....i've made the biggest decision ever: to be back in the chaotic-ness of what we call the alexander/hoover clan. My inspiration in life is my mother and my best friend. I go to her when I need anything and everything in life and I love her like crazy. My stepdad is the best dad a girl could ask for and is there for me anytime I need him: through thick and thin. Last but not least I have my "baby" brother who is 18 and won't let me forget it. Him and I...we are salt and pepper and I love him to death. Growing up I've learned that the outdoors is one of my favorite sanctuaries. Family times always included camping, quading and jeeping. I've even got my better half 'roughin it' from time to time out in the woods. Which leads to me one and only Matthew. He is my everything, my rock and the one who has my heart forever. Together we have our little miss personality queen: Bailey. Our lovely Bailey with more tude' than I've ever seen a dog have and we love her!