Craftin' Woman

I've always LOVED crafts. All things handmade and personal to make that everyday gift special. I started crafting with thanks to my half-sister Allison at the age of 10 and haven't stopped since. Along the way of crafting I found my true love: scrapbooking and cardmaking. I scrapbook about everyday things like country songs and what the weathers like to more exciting things including my love life and family occassions. I am inspired by paper lines and every style from vintage to beachy classics. My love for brands is growing daily and I seem to find a new style and brand on a regular basis. My favorite items to work with are flowers and punches, inks and bling.

After a little over twelve years of crafting non-stop I was inspired in starting a side business. After so many of my friends and family asking me to make everything from personalized wedding and baby invitations to party favors and home decor I decided to spread the joy. I've become extremely excited lately about the new classic rosette garlands and table decor as well as banners too. I love crafting for other people and having them enjoy my papercrafts as much as I do, a simple smile bring happiness to my life knowing that I created the something they weren't looking for: Creating Serendipity.